1. Scope
All legal transactions that are concluded via the online shop stuttgarterreps.shop fall under the general terms and conditions. Stuttgarterreps reserves the right to change these T&Cs at any time. The version valid at the time of the order is decisive.

2. Offer
The products and prices in the online shop are considered an offer. The offer is valid as long as the product can be found in the online shop and is in stock.

3. Products and Prices
Because the products are not original, the price is significantly lower than the retail price. The buyer thus agrees that the products do not come from the original manufacturer and that there may be deviations. Stuttgarterreps is free to set prices and change them at any time. When ordering, the price published on the website is decisive. If prices have been published in error, Stuttgarterreps reserves the right to inform the buyer before shipping to agree on a price correction or to cancel the order.
The prices are given in EURO as standard.

4. Information Provided
Stuttgarterreps endeavors to keep the data published in the online shop up to date and correct. However, there may be delays in delivery due to production/delivery bottlenecks and sales via other channels. Therefore, all information on availability and delivery time is not guaranteed and can change at any time.
Stuttgarterreps assumes no liability for the correctness or topicality of the information provided by other manufacturers, even if this has been carefully researched.

5. Conclusion of contract
The purchase contract is concluded when the order is sent (online) and Stuttgarterreps accepts it.
The prerequisite for a valid purchase contract is the complete and truthful completion of the order form provided on the Internet and the acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.
Stuttgarterreps confirms receipt of the order with an automatically generated order confirmation email. This only shows the customer that the order has arrived and that the purchase contract has been concluded under the condition of delivery and the correct price.

6. Cancellation
Orders cannot be canceled once they have been confirmed. The delivery address can be changed maximum 1 day after the order.

7.1 Availability and Delivery
Products marked as “available” are usually delivered within 10-18 working days from receipt of the order. If a product is not in stock or is incorrectly marked as “available”, the customer will be informed by email or telephone and a new provisional delivery date will be agreed. If an item is no longer available and can no longer be procured or produced by Stuttgarterreps, Stuttgarterreps can withdraw from the contract, but must reimburse the customer in full for payments already made for the product.
If Stuttgarterreps is unable to provide or ship the items within 60 calendar days of receipt of the order, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract. Payments already made by the buyer to Stuttgarterreps for the product in question will be fully refunded. There are no further claims against Stuttgarterreps.
If additional shipping costs arise due to an incorrect delivery address or incorrect address data, these costs are fully borne by the buyer.

7.2 Additional Provisions Delivery
If the customer does not accept the goods delivered by the supplier within the agreed or specified delivery times, Stuttgarterreps can only send the goods back for a shipping fee of 20,00€. If the buyer does not pay the shipping fees to resend the package, Stuttgarterreps will not issue a refund for the order.

8. Inspection obligation
The delivered or collected products are to be checked by the buyer for completeness, correctness and delivery damage immediately after acceptance. If there is a defect, this must be reported to Stuttgarterreps within 3 calendar days and the product must be in its original condition for return.

9. Warranty Terms and Benefits
Stuttgarterreps sells items from other manufacturers. Stuttgarterreps has no influence on the durability and functionality of the products or the warranty performance of other manufacturers. A warranty claim can only be asserted by the customer upon presentation of the purchase contract including a valid order form.
There is no warranty claim for damage caused by improper handling or defects that can be attributed to external influences. This could be, for example, elemental damage, moisture damage, fall and impact damage or damage caused by modifications.

10. Liability and Disclaimer
Stuttgarterreps is only liable for the guarantee services listed under Section 9. Any further liability is excluded, in particular liability for damage that has not occurred to the products themselves. This can be indirect and indirect damage and consequential damage such as lost profit, unrealized savings, or damage from delay in delivery. In addition, Stuttgarterreps cannot be held responsible for ordering the wrong size.

11. Payment
The following payment methods are accepted in the online shop: Bank Transfer, Credit cards, PayPal.